Daniel Casares: painting Picasso with a flamenco guitar

27/03/2018 10:55:52

Daniel Casares started performing at the age of 11 and at 16 he became the youngest guitarist ever to win Spain’s prestigious flamenco guitar award: Bordón Minero de la Unión.


After more than 25 years under the limelight, Casares is today one of Spain’s most versatile and inquisitive musicians. His contagious passion and technical finesse have led him to perform in some of the world’s leading stages, including Carnegie Hall, and alongside musicians of the stature of soprano Cecilia Bartoli, piano legend Chucho Valdés and guitar virtuoso Toquinho, among many others. His work ranges widely from flamenco to jazz, and even includes a symphonic composition through his work “Luna de Alejandra”.

The Hue Festival and the Spanish Embassy now offer Vietnamese audiences a unique opportunity to enjoy the work of Casares for the first time in Vietnam. The accomplished guitarist will appear on stage alongside a dancer and a clapper to present his latest work, Picassares, a tribute to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, who like Casares was a native of the southern city of Málaga. In this concert, Casares will bring to the stages of Hue the light and energy of the Mediterranean and the boundless magic of Spanish flamenco.