The Central Cultural Palace of Mongolia

27/02/2018 09:23:55

The Central Cultural Palace of Mongolia is the most popular cultural place in Ulaanbaatar which offers and features Mongolian traditional performances: folk singers, dancers and contortionists.
The Central Cultural Palace of Mongolia has been actively participating Hue International Festival since 2010 to promote its unique cultural heritage in the diversity of cultures around the world. 

The mixture of Mongolia’s nomadic way of living, the animal husbandry and wild, untouched nature has created the greatest features of the cultural heritages and valuable folk art, which are to be inherited to many generations of the Mongolians to come. The artists of Central culture palace are proud of Mongolians’ great ancestors, and are keen not only to continue their priceless cultural intangible legacy but also to promote to the world the culture of the Mongolian civilization.

In Hue Festival 2018, the professional artists will perform traditional long songs inscribed to the UNESCO Intangible heritage, throat singing, folk dances and horse-head fiddle which are known as Mongolian nomadic features.