The drama "Antigone in Vietnam" (France)

19/04/2008 22:48:30

The theatrical creation approach of Monte-Charge Theatre is defined by international and multicultural exchange and blending. Over the last three years, the creation work, started with artists from the National Hanoi Tuong Theatre tend to search within the form itself of the artistic action the means to demonstrate that we can be together, keep each one’s culture and language and communicate with the other deferent from us.

Forgetting on stage that we don’t speak the same language, making the public forget it and share the pleaser of being deferent but together, enjoy the musicality of the other’s language, enrich oneself of the other’s culture and communicate to him or her ours.

In 2006, two theatres joined together into one French- Vietnamese company to create "Cercles de Sable" or “The Circle of Sand” to showcase at the Hue Festival and later in Hanoi and Saigon Opera Houses. Built on previous success, two companies create this year the play “Antigone in Vietnam” in a unique theatrical experience: actors from different cultural backgrounds, each speaking his/her own mother tongue, come together in one play.