Presentations from Poitou-Charentes Region of France

01/05/2008 09:41:43

Building on the success of their participation in previous festivals, Poitou-Charentes Region of France continues to have some presentations in the Hue Festival 2008.


Ten years ago, the famous yellow cat was created by a Swiss French, Mr. Thoma VUILLE who is called either  Mr CHAT, Matshikat, Mao, the Grinning Cat or TTOMA (TM) by people at the countries he has been to.

The international dimension of cats increases and can be seen almost everywhere in the world: London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Sarajevo, New York, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and this year he is invited by the Regional Council of Poitou-Charentes to participate in the Hue Festival 2008 in Vietnam.

Installation arts: Meeting point by Rémi Polack in cooperation with Catherine Dambler  and Nguyen Ngoc Lam. Sometimes amazing things can happen when different worlds meet, either by chance or on purpose, two or more worlds confront and blend with each other. The result is a telescoping, a surprising and unpredictable gathering. We will install along the streets these two worlds through two herds of horses.Their meeting has resulted in a collision, swirl, a disorganized dance. In the Palace of the Queen Mother we will use all kinds of items from our two continents to create a double sculpture

Exhibition “Mặt kể”

Portraits of Hanoi

Comics and movies from a master-class in Hanoi, headed by Anne-Marie Faure and Gerald Gorridge (National Center for Comics and images of Angoulême)

Elisa Laget, Bernard Romain, Nhat Tran Kien Bui Viet Thanh, Pham To Chiem, Pham Thi Thom, Anhm Do Hoang Nguyen Thi Mai Hoa, Nguyen Thanh Phong, Do Nhat Giap, Do Huu Chi, Le Huyen Trang, Phan Ngoc Anh, Phung Minh Trang, Pham Huy Thong (comics), Coraline de Chiara, Franck Basset, Thu Dang Tu and Le Quoc Dat (Video), Patrick Sausse (DVD)

Photo Exhibition by Sebastien Laval

Sebastien Laval is a photographer, who has travelled across the whole country of Vietnam since 1995 and captured the scenes of daily life.  His photos were developed by a very traditional method - darkroom technique. Since then, he has focused his works on Ethnic Minority groups in Vietnam. His initial works in collaboration with the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology were about Pa Then ethnic.

At Hue Festival 2008, Sebastien Laval will show us his works on Ta Oi and Co Tu ethnics of Thua Thien Hue province. This is an attempt to illustrate and keep the memory of Vietnamese ethnic minorities. It aims to uncover the extraordinary wealth of cultural heritage in Vietnam. The photographs will be presented in the form of projection in the gardens of the Queen Mother’s Palace.

Street Perfomance: “Musicomicale parade” by the S.N.O.B.

Unlike any other bands, the S.N.O.B. (Service of Clearing the Ears) is a unique brass band, which takes the mission to "clear a corner" and ... ears. These musicians - comedians affirmed themselves as one of the greatest street performers in France.

With the joy of life, S.N.O.B. always pushes further the limits of a mere fanfare to bring about generous, humorous and engaged shows, which continue to go around the world and meet all audiences ...

The "MUSICOMICALE PARADE" is absolutely a cross-country show. With its interactive and amusing communication, the band goes wherever it is never awaited and make use all opportunities of the street to create comic skits on its crazy music. Everything becomes a reason to play with!