Jean-François Maljean: Presentation of his concert for Hue Festival (Belgium)

08/05/2008 09:42:10

Jean-François Maljean will give in Hue a piano-solo concert, adding also some songs in a piano/voice version. Most of the piano solo pieces come from his personal albums and are mainly original compositions.

To date, Jean-François has published 13 albums of instrumental music, mostly piano solo, distributed in many countries, particularly in South East Asia. By example: « Vue sur Mer », « Légendes », « Voyages », « Dreams », « Latin One ». J-F has also published « cover albums »: « Grand Piano », « Love Piano », « Gallery » etc. In this last album, J-F gives us a very personal version of 12 pieces of famous New Age Japanese musician, Kitaro. He also plays some of his favourite covers in concert. Some of his albums are distributed in&Vietnam.

The songs are also mostly original compositions in French. JF was pianist/singer in a Belgian pop group during the nineties (Maljean/Willems) and he has rearranged some songs in a piano/solo version. J-F plays also some French standards that he likes very much.

J-F has played in many countries, from Europe to China, Japan, passing through the US. He is a real showman. His concerts are rather festive. He tells, by example, the audience little personal stories where there is always humour.