Contemporary Circus: Peut-être (Perhaps) by O Ultimo Momento Company - France

19/04/2008 09:38:27

“Peut-être” is a duet: João and Guillaume, a chinese pole acrobat and a musician. In “Peut-être”, the two artists deal with boundaries of space where they move around.

João and Guillaume play on our sense of space, what we assume to be above or below, what we expect to be horizontal or vertical; they surround us with sights and the sounds, with a real or virtual environment. We hear music, acoustic or electronic, and we see a fleeting body, sometimes real, and sometimes virtual. The video and sounds falsify our perception: gravity appears overturned and the performers multiplied on the stage. Whether fleeting or lasting, each move is a feat, so close to a dangerous challenge, so tempting, yet never attempted.

João Paulo Pereira Dos Santos, acrobat and video director comes from National Centre of circus arts. Guillaume Dutrieux is a musician. They met on the Le Cirqle show, which Guillaume was composing the music for. The O Ultimo Momento Company gathers Portuguese and French artists confronting their experiences to build shows where acrobatics mingle with a Chinese mast, music and video.