Duong Chan Troi (Horizon) Band

Duong Chan Troi (Horizon) Band was founded in 2014 in Hanoi, with the idea of applying national musical instruments in pop music, composing and rearranging Vietnamese folk melodies, creating the freshness and closeness for domestic as well as international audiences and music lovers.

Its music is close to Vietnamese people and culture. The Band wishes to travel to other horizons to integrate with foreign friends and into World Music genre.
Aiming at combined and experimental music, the group’s compositions, especially those of Nguyen Thang (the Band founder and leader) and Tran Luu Hoang, are the harmonious combination of melodies between the East and the West presented by a variety of wind instruments, Vietnamese 16-string Zither (Đàn tranh), piano, cajon - Djembe, contrabass.

Joining this Hue Festival, Horizon Band will introduce distinctive and creative performances at stages at Imperial Palace, An Dinh Palace, and street parades.Description: https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif 
Hue Festival Center
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