Hoang Rob & Gen9

Hoang Rob is among the few young violinists who choose to pursue the path of energetic contemporary music.

He is considered the first Vietnamese violinist to release a Concept Album and to host his own Liveshow at Hanoi Opera House together with other famous artists such as Diva Tran Thu Ha, Thu Phuong, Dancer Linh Nga, singer Kieu Anh, etc. In April 2017, Hoang Rob was nominated and won the National Dedication Music Award, and became the first instrumentalist to be honored at this prestigious music award.

Coming for Hue Festival 2018, together with GEN9 - a contemporary string instrument duo Le Nga (Cellist) and Dang My (Violinist) - and other guest artists, Hoang Rob is going to recreate his project of personal signature, which previously enhanced his reputation, the Hung Dong (Dawn) Live Concert. The performance includes music exclusively composed by music producer Khac Hung, describing the fine beauty of modern life through the use of contemporary music style - Pop Art. In addition, the artist will also perform Vietnamese classics such as Chiec Khan Pieu, Inh La Oi, Trong Com, Beo Dat May Troi, etc. using experimental electronic music. 
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