"Sounds From the Northern Winds", Denmark

“Sounds From the Northern Winds” is an open project by multi awards Danish singer/songwriter/composer MICHAEL MØLLER and Vietnamese/Danish pianist TRI MINH and icelandish singer DISA JAKOBS.

The group makes a fusion of songs which combine world music vibes with electronic and acoustic sounds. All the songs are new compositions and blending the ethnic flavours into their songs with collaboration from local invited artists where they perform “The MOUNTAINS”, Sounds from the Northern Winds’s first album is a journey of culture exploration with original compositions, painting pictures of landscapes and emotions with their music. “Sounds from the Northern Winds” is a dynamic music group of piano, electronic beats with vocal and on stage also with invited guest(s).

Michael Møller is a Danish singer and songwriter. He is a singer of the band Moi Caprice and has two acclaimed solo performances behind him. He is also educated from the University of Copenhagen with a bachelor's degree in music and literature studies, as well as a master's degree in modern culture and cultural dissemination. Michael Møller has regularly received a great reviewer for both his lyrics and songs. His debut album "Every Streetcar's Got a Name” was voted the best record of the year in Berlingske in 2007, while "A Month of Unrequited Love" was on most of the Danish media lists at the end of 2011. He has also received a series of nominations and prizes, among which he won 2011 a Danish Music Awards as the Innovator of the Year. 


Tri Minh started his career as a performing artist in the early 1990s, when he co-initiated Hanoi’s first jazz band, which performed for years in various venues across Vietnam’s capital. In the late 1990s, Tri Minh started experimenting with electronic music through collaborations with international artists performing as a solo artist and in various forms of collaborations in Vietnam and Europe. The international artists and groups include: Mouse on Mars, and Robert Henke (DE), D’fuse (UK), Robin Scanner (UK). In the mid and late 2000s, Tri Minh started sampling his own recordings and sounds and started mixing in and performing with various constellations of traditional and later also classical Vietnamese artists. Through his varied and extensive performances, collaborations, and compositions Tri Minh has become an experienced electronic music performer and an expert in studio works and in collaborations between artists from different countries and cultures and musical fields. Tri Minh has released 03 solo albums and featured in various international compilations. 


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