Erwan Hamon and Janick Martin (France)

9/4 – Districts of Nam Dong & Phu Vang; 12/4 & 14/4, 19:30 – An Dinh Palace

If there is a duet for which the terms of complicity and complementarity are not overused, it’s this one. “Endearing figures of the traditional musical scene” in Brittany, Erwan Hamon and Janick Martin have become over the years two major references, graced by a unanimous recognition, which result from both their musical talent and their human qualities.

Rarely the combination of the accordion-bombard and the flute has reached such a degree of elegance and subtility. A model of balance between virtuosity, musicality and sensitivity. Their repertoire combines incredible compositions sometimes so fragile, sometimes so wild. The duet is revisiting and rearranging original themes, creating a new sound for Brittany’s traditional music scene.

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