Imperial Academy of Hue

This used to be the single tertiary training institution during the feudalist mornarchies of Vietnam where talents trained in the country. The first Imperial Academy was established in 1076 at Thang Long Capital City (Hanoi nowadays) of Vietnam.

Under the reign of Gia Long, along with the construction of the Temple of Literature beyond Thien Mu pagoda, an Imperial Academy was built. By that time, the number of students was increasing which required the expansion of the Academy. In 1821, a side of the Di Luan Mansion (Morals Preserving Mansion), an auditorium and three rows of houses for student residence were additionally constructed. In 1825, yet another row of 20 apartments with surrounding walls on three sides of the academy were added.

In 1908, in the reign of Duy Tan, the Imperial Academy  was moved to its present-day site in the Citadel. The Imperial Academy consists of Di Luan Mansion, located in the center and two rows of classrooms on either side. Behind the Academy stands the Tan Tho Museum (Imperial Fine Arts Museum) and the former houses of principals and vice-principals to either side. The Imperial Academy, a historic and cultural vestige of remarkable value, is one of the two oldest tertiary training insitutions of the monarchist regime in our country.

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