Hong Hanh Belly Dance Group

Being known as a golden girl of Vietnam belly dance, Do Hong Hanh is the first Vietnamese has ever won many belly dance championships at international competitions. Since 2009, she has led the Vietnam belly dancers to win several high prizes internationally.

She is a rare Asian in the world’s top 18 soloists who were selected to perform at the world's leading belly dance show named Tribal Massive Spectacular Fission Show in Las Vegas in 2018. 

She won the championships in Asia Belly Dance Competition in 2012 and Europe Tribal Belly Dance Competition in 2015. Currently, she is a professional judge for various international competitions. She is also the person who hosts the first-ever international Belly Dance Competition in Viet Nam since 2012. This Unlimited Belly Dance Competition is annually organized in July in Hanoi. As a choreographer of many great events and also a person who brings luck to many beauty pageant contestants, Hong Hanh has participated in arranging and choreographing several programs in Hue Festival, Halong Carnival, VTV New Year Concerts, China Festival and so on.

Continuing the success at Hue Festival 2016, Hong Hanh Belly Dance Group promises to ignite audiences with their novel and alluring dances in Hue Festival 2018. 

Hue Festival Center
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