Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, China

Granted as Provincial Civilized Unit, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art serves as a training base for both grass-roots level cultural organizations and nation-wide cultural cadres.

The Academy situated in Binjiang higher education zone of Hangzhou, is a state-run full time comprehensive art institute of higher education. The Academy also acts as a provincial institutional base for research and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.
The Academy provides professional education in performing of Chinese Opera, Film and Television, Music and Dance. The professional directions also include Music Technology, Art Design, Animation Design and Production, Electronic Audio and Video Technology, Technology of Film and Theatre, Photograph and Video Technology, Restoration and Protection of Cultural Relics, and Public Culture Management etc.

Over the past decades, the Academy has won different awards in national art competitions, including awards in fine arts, performing art and dance. The original musical drama, the Fifth Sister, won “Wen Hua Award” in the 7th China Arts Festival. The drama also gained its nomination in “The Best Works Award” of the Moral and Ethical Education Program of Publicity Department of the CPC, and gained its part in “Works of Excellence on the Nation’s Stage”. The original Youth Drama of Yue Opera A Character Show in Red Chamber listed top award of Chinese Campus Drama Festival. Beat of ‘She’ Girls achieved first place of group dance in national dance competition for art academies. Butterfly Kiss gained “Award for Best Visual Effects” from Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris. 


The art troupe of Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art will bring their most outstanding artworks such as the "Peach Fairies" dance getting the idea from the poem of the same name in the "Shijing" – the most classic Chinese poetry collection, “The Broken Bridge" derived from "Legend of the White Snake", or the excerpt "Perfect Couple" from the famous novel "Dream of Red Chamber" as well as many other dances and ethnic musical instruments performances introducing the poetic beauty of Jiangnan to the audiences at the 2018 Hue Festival.
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