Folk Dance Ensemble "Neptun", Poland

The Folk Dance Ensemble "Neptun" was established in 1984, stemming from the love of dancing and the members’ need of promoting Polish traditional dances. Over the past 34 years, more than 500 musicians, dancers and students have left their hearts in this ensemble.

The desire to represent the city of Gdansk, the Pomeranian region and, above all, to represent Poland in festivals, concerts, and events promoting the country has been the greatest motivation for the ensemble to participate in the project of exploiting traditional art. "Neptun" has toured abroad for 22 times; of which, 15 times were to perform at world folk festivals.

During the concerts, the ensemble always tries to show the rich background of Polish culture. This is particularly important at international festivals, where it is most often the only team representing Poland. This was the case in Spain, in Yalta, in the Crimea, in Cyprus or in Portugal, where the Polish traditional dance is almost unknown. The presentation of the country’s culture through dances, music and singing gives an overall view of the temperament, character and elegance of the Polish people.


The key members of the Neptun Folk Dance Ensemble include: Halina Król - accompanist, Barbara Radomska - choreographer, Józef Stachnik - music director and Dr. Dorota Dancewicz-Nosko - artistic director, lecturer and specialist in Kashubian folklore.
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