Pambil - Colombia

Pambil is a shocking traditional drums band that will make you move and dance, but also enjoy the sweet melodies of the voices on top of that energy and the intense but warm sound of the Marimba de Chonta.

They got their influence in the Marimba traditional music from the south of the Colombian Pacific coast. Since 2007 musicians with extensive experience and deep knowledge of the music of Marimba have been part of the group.
Pambil has participated in various international festivals or musical events and gain many prizes such as XI Festival of Pacific Coast music Petronio Álvarez - Award for the best composition, VIII Festival of music and Afro dance, Carnaval Esmeraldeño 2009 (Ecuador) - 1st place in the category of Fusion Music, Festival International Ollín Kan 2010 (México), XIV Festival of Pacific coast music Petronio Álvarez - Honor mention for preserving the Marimba Music in the Capital of Colombia, Festival of Colombia al Parque 2014, Fete de la Musique 2015, Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation - Award Winners for the Promotion of Colombian Folk Music 2016, Luis Carlos Galán Concert - Pontifical University Javeriana 2017, Concert in the National Theater - Plan for the Promotion of Colombia in Costa Rica 2017, Concert in the BCIE - Plan for the Promotion of Colombia in Honduras 2017.
In the group’s performances at the 2018 Hue Festival you will hear the traditional rhythms of the Marimba such as the Juga, Bunde, Pasillo, Currulao and the Rumba in original compositions and arrangements of old traditional songs. The music speaks both of jungle and urban contexts.
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