Honored folk art collective of the Russian Federation "Siberian Patterns", Novosibirsk, Russia

Siberia has always been mysterious, cold and far for the world population. But it isn't so. Siberia is about endless fields, beautiful forests and breadth of soul.

“Siberian patterns” was founded in the year of 1995. Today the ensemble embraces more than 180 children aged 3 to 20 years. The repertoire includes dances of peoples of the world, but priority is given to the Russian dance. The ensemble lives an active creative life from the very first day of its foundation. It is illustrated by endless winner list of the international and national festivals and competitions.

The team of “Siberian patterns” is:

• The Member of the international dance “UNESCO” Committee,

• Fortyfold winner of the Grand Prix of the regional, national and international festivals and competitions,

• Threefold owner of gold medals of the Youth Delphic Games of Russia,

• Threefold winner of gold medals of the Open Youth Delphic Games of the CIS,

• The Champion of Russia in folk dances in 2015,

• The owner of the entry in the rating list “The Russian Dignity” of international organization “The Assembly of the achievements of the continental cultures”. •Russian folk dance champion 

 •The Grand Prix winner of the “World Dance Festival Cheonan”, South Korea

 •The Grand Prix winner of the Eighth Nyirsèg International Folk Dance Festival, Hungary

The team of “Siberian Patterns” is known both in Russia and abroad. Last festival trips were held in Poland, Germany, India, China, South Korea, Hungary, Mongolia. The founder of the ensemble is Irina Ovechkina. She gained the title of Honored worker of the general education of the Russian Federation, the teacher of the highest qualification category, became the winner of the Government Award "The Soul of Russia" for contribution to the development of folk art. Vsevolod Shkarovsky is a constant trainer of the ensemble. 



The dance program of the ensemble is based on traditional Russian dance. It includes lyric horovods (round dances), which show girls' beauty and tenderness and demonstrating boys' agility vigorous dances.
Siberians put their soul into dance. Thanks to spiffy and bright costumes they bring the festive atmosphere making spectators dance and applaud.

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