Urpín Folk Ensemble, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

Folk group Urpín belongs to the top artistic bodies in Slovakia and presents the Slovak folklore sine 1957.

In 60 years of the activity it has processed music and dance folklore from many areas of Slovakia. The main focus of program structure is middle Slovakia, but the program is completed with the dances from all Slovakia regions. Dance and musical processing follows the nature and purity of dance variations of the regions. Nowadays the group works with leading Slovak choreograpthers on preparation of the program. The program is engaging and dynamically varied. It is enriched with music, singing and instrumental numbers, from which is possible to build a separate music or singing concert.

About the artistic qualities of the group evidenced by over 2,900 performances, the group visited 55 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia where the visitors and organizers of folklore festivals high rated the artistic level of the group. Folk group Urpín holds several major awards from the competitions and festival at home and abroad.


Director of the Ensemble is Peter Pohancanik, artistic director is Michal Majer, folk music is leaded by Zuzana Slancikova and the singers group is leaded by Alena Palesova.

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