“Rural Market on Festive Days”

Being held every two years as a fringe activity of the Hue Festival, the “Rural Market on Festive Days” Festivity is an opportunity to promote the original attraction of Huong Thuy District and special local produces. The festivity is associated with new, attractive cultural, artistic, tourist and community activities to create a driving force for local socio-economic development.

     The festivity will be held from April 29 to May 4, 2016 in an extended area stretching from Cau Chua (the communal house of Thuy Chanh village) and Thanh Toan Roofed Bridge to the Ton That Thuyet’s Temple in Thuy Thanh commune in together with a variety of celebrations at almost every commune of Huong Thuy District.
     Rare are rural events where a great number of special agricultural produces are brought together as in the “Rural Market on Festive Days”.  On the bamboo boats or the yokes of the rural ladies, plenty of local specialities are loaded such as rice of Thuy Duong and Thuy Phu, sticky rice of Thuy Tan and Thuy Van communes, rice liquor of Thuy Duong and Chuon villages, rice paper of Thuy Luong, green beans, peanuts and corns of Duong Hoa. Besides, hand-made craft items of Thuy Chau, Thanh Thuy, Thuy Phuong, Thuy Duong; leather shoes of Thuy Van; forging products of Thuy Chau; wood craft items and crockery of Phu Bai; brooms of Thuy Phuong and so on are also on display to visitors.
     Cuisine appears another thing not-to-be-missed in the festivity when visitors  will be offered a wide range of tasty local food.
     “Rural Market on Festive Days” is a unique event, where local residents and visitors will have an opportunity to discover more exciting activities such as visiting historical and cultural sites, playing “bai choi”, watching boat racings, participating in lantern night or enjoying folk singing performances. Joining the festivity, visitors will be immersed in a peaceful and relaxed ambience of a typical Vietnamese village, despite its busy atmosphere of a new harvest. It reminds them of their beloved hometowns and brings childhood memories flooding back.



Hue Festival Centre
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