Buddhist Celebration of Universal Illumination

Since the very first days when it was introduced to Vietnam, Buddhism has mingled with the native culture and beliefs to form Vietnam’s Buddhism. Planting its root into the social life and developing together with the development of the nation, Buddhism has left a deep impact in the history, society and culture and has positive contributions to the country’s cause of defense and construction.

     The idea of protecting the nation and helping the people, which derived from the teachings of Buddha about the enlightenment ideals of truth, harmony, peace and social justice, has become the discipline in the followers’ belief. With that tradition, monks, nuns and followers in Thua Thien Hue Province have been actively involved in all Buddhist events and contributed to build an advanced culture imbued with national identity, humanism and to uphold the spirit of patriotism, peace loving and solidarity.


     The Buddhist Celebration of Universal Illumination is a religious activity expressing the earnest wishes of monks, nuns and Buddhist followers for favorable weather conditions, prosperity and peace for the nation and the world. The festivity is a blend of spiritual rites and artistic performances of lantern dance. The light from the lotus lanterns symbolizes the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion liberating throughout space, hidden places and enlightening the most intimate paths in human’s mind.

Hue Festival Centre
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