“The Pilgrim” – Trinh Cong Son’s Music Program

Originated from the idea to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Trinh Cong Son’s death, a music concert themed “Pilgrim” will be held to recall the composer’s remarkable contributions to the Vietnamese music.

The “Pilgrim” is a retracing to the original nature of Trinh Cong Son’s music and a return to Hue, where he wrote the very first love song as well as most of his romantic compositions. It is also the return to his homeland, to his beloved mother, who “taught me the dictates of conscience” as his lyric goes. Above all it supposes to be a pilgrimage to the Buddhist land by Trinh’s music, the religion significantly influenced his thoughts and wordings.

The concert will be presented in a simple way with acoustic guitar accompaniment like its was in the very first days in his music career. The settings of stage, lightings and visual effects will follow suit to offer audiences the most authentic style of the talented musician – Trinh Cong Son.



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