L’Homme Debout Company, Poitou – Charentes, France

Established in September, 2011 and headed by artist BeNoît Mousserion, L’Homme Debout Company is based in Poitiers. Almost every project developed by the company is closely collaborated with local inhabitants in the area where the show is on.

During such participatory process of the company’s on-site creation, local people are actively engaged in meetings or discussions to share their ideas on the works with artists.

BeNoît Mousserion devotes himself in the exploration to create human adventures by realizing spectacular shows that provoke intense emotions and make up favorable space for most delicate and incredible encounters.

At the Hue Festival 2016, the company will present a poetic spectacle called “Shinning stars in the night”, which evokes the intimate paths in human’s mind with complicated feelings of conflicts, retreat, wandering and even collapse.

In the spectacle, a giant puppet of 7-metre in height,  Liédo will be played by professional artists and 40 local people. His amazing movement is accompanied with music, lights and fireworks. The performances are going to take place at Trinh Cong Son Park and Ham Nghi Yard on April 30 and May 02, 2016.
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