Imperial Night

Being one of the highlights of the Hue Festival, the “Imperial Night” reveals the unparalleled, shimmering beauty of the Imperial City in the night time. Various spectacles of royal music and dance, royal and folk games, as well as exceptional sound, light and video effects in the mysterious settings of the Citadel.

The royal banquet to be taken place at Can Chanh Palace, is definitely the heart of the Imperial Night spectacles. It is a distinctive combination between the royal cuisine and royal arts, where participants will have a chance to taste and enjoy the essence of gastronomy and performing arts of the old days. 

In addition to the royal banquets, the event also features many alluring programs. "Vietnamese Timbre", the profound and uplifting traditional music program, will take place in an opulent and elegant space of Dien Tho Palace. The "Princess Wedding" at Truong Sanh Palace will take attendees on a royal wedding which is skillfully and subtly portrayed with a full range of traditional rituals. The traditional music and dance program at the courtyard of Thai Hoa Palace will be held with the combination of flowers and lantern installation and exhibitions. This will contribute to create a magical and sparkling space in the Citadel. Besides, Co Ha Royal Garden will be the place to re-enact daily activities and recreations of princes and princesses. In the “Royal fashion and Memories of old Hue” program that to be held at Tu Phuong Vo Su Pavilion, the silhouette of King, Queen, mandarins, royal members and servants seem to appear at present time.

The Imperial Night will also showcase a variety of interesting activities such as installation art of masks in Tuong (Classical Drama), royal tea ceremony, exhibitions of calligraphy, pottery and Hue kites, etc. All create an uninterrupted series of events in the Citadel to send audiences back to the glorious time of the Imperial City. 



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