Duna Art Company

The Duna Art Company is one of the most popular professional groups in Hungary. It continues on today with the ambition to perform authentic dances and to create innovative dance theatre pieces from their country's rich heritage. The productions of the Ensembles are characterized by traditionalism and artistic experimentation at the same time.

     Thus their repertoire ranges from dynamic, modern interpretations of Hungarian folk dances to contemporary dance dramas.
     The ensemble plays a significant role in the preservation of the Hungarian folk traditions and it represents a bright colour on the palette of contemporary arts.
     The virtuosity of the dancers and the beauty of the choreographies serve as a pledge for delighting, entertaining and educating the audiences. The Ensemble has spread the beauty of the Hungarian folk music and folk dance heritage with huge successes on all the five continents.
     Their repertoire in Vietnam consists of the most precious pearls of the folklore traditions of Hungary and the whole Carpathian Basin.
Hue Festival Centre
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