Ranranga Dance Academy

The Ranranga Dance Academy is a well recognised aesthetic institute in The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka since 1994, developing students expertise in traditional and folk dancing. The Academy has sent its artists to many festivals and functions held both at home and overseas. Up to now it has represented Sri Lanka in more than 30 international events recognised by international folk and cultural organisations. The International Dance Council(CID-UNESCO), an official umbrella organisation for all forms of dance in the entire world has awarded their prestigious membership to the Academy considering its contribution to the preservation of national culture and folk dance.


     The elegance and grace of Ranranga Academy’s performances have gained appreciation and approbation from many promotors. The academy has won the over all 1st place in International & All India Women's Dance Competition in Shimla - 2011 and 1st place in Udbhav International Dance Carnival - 2010/2011.
     Performance of Sri Lanka folk dance traditions to international arenas will be very rewarding and the participants also receives tremendous exposure while participating. Needless to state that such participation along will strength their confidence and moral attitude. More ever such cultural activities by Sri Lankan, as it would promote the image of the country and promote the tourism. Besides this will enhance the people to people connectivity which has been a major aspect in global cooperation.
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