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Artistana is the name of a group of performing artists of Istana Budaya with 87 dancers and 25 traditional musicians. Based on the number of membership, ARTISTANA proves its capability to be a unit of creative force to produce products of quality performances. Previously, it was known as ‘Kumpulan Budaya Negara’ with about 20 members only. Gradually, the group has been expanded and many have expressed their confidence and faith on the future of the group. Today, ‘Kumpulan Kesenian Istana Budaya’ has become the biggest performing art group in Malaysia.


     Today, the Istana Budaya Art Group has eight experienced, creative choreographers who are capable to act as Dancing Directors.The traditional musicians of the Istana Budaya Art Group are also skilful to compose and produce songs for productions. Joint efforts of both creative groups enable them to perform diversity of dancing genre like Palace Dance, Folk Dance, Multi-racial Dance, Ethnic Dance and etc. Besides, Aristana is also capable to perform traditional theatres like ‘Makyung’, ‘WayangKulit’, ‘Dikir Barat’ and ‘Randai’. Not only can they be the dancers, they are also talented to perform in contemporary dancing plays, theatres and musical theatres. 
     Undoubtly, the successes of theatres of ANAK TANJUNG, CINDAI, RUBIAH, legacy of TUN PERAK, SITI ZUBAIDAH and MAHSURI prove the capability and talent of this group.

     Artistana often performs internationally, including in the Art Festivals such as ASEAN DANCE FESTIVAL I,II and III and in the RAMAYANA FESTIVAL in Cambodia. Until today, the group has performed in more than 30 countries.
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