Since 2008 DeepBlue have received huge exposure through their live performances and TV appearances across the country, and at massive festivals and in India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Shanghai World Expo. DeepBlue’s last three seasons in their home town, Brisbane, sold-out.

     DeepBlue have developed four shows, four CDs, one DVD and eight international and national tours. This output was achieved through meticulous planning, a strength recognised early in DeepBlue’s career by the Queensland Government Vortex4 Best Business Plan & Best Financial Plan 2006. 
     DeepBlue, which began at QUT as an Australian Research Council project in 2006-2008, has been inspired by the challenge of reinventing the orchestra into a globally successful business model that is:
- technologically innovative:  Audiences are invited to use their mobile devices to access DeepBlue’s mobile web app - The Electronic Show Programme (ESP) that is full of info about DeepBlue’s music. This ground-breaking idea also enables audience members to confidentially share identity-forming moments of their lives during the show. DeepBlue's ESP and the audience interaction it enables is inspired by DeepBlue's long-term goal to inform the show's creative development with considerable audience input. DeepBlue dig deeper into the desires of their audience, continuing a conversation, which has previously seen their fans text in their dreams and song requests during the show. Using the ESP DeepBlue received 10,000 responses (1 every 2 seconds) in their last series of Brisbane shows.
- sustainable and resilient: DeepBlue’s business model was built on the ‘blue ocean strategy’ that was used by Cirque Du Soliel, which enables a sustainable and resilient future by creating ‘uncontested market space’. I.e. not trying to compete with current ailing orchestras, but to innovate. To maintain this model DeepBlue operates in permanent R & D mode. They are always looking to maximise their success by leveraging disruptive technologies, by meaningfully exciting audiences, and by broadening their audiences through community engagement.
- community and customer-focused based on artistically excellent:
     "Think ELO and Nigel Kennedy's exuberant lovechild on stage. Think cello player walking backwards on stilts. Think 17 young and mobile players enthusiastically performing everything from Bowie to Rachmaninoff and you have the DeepBlue Orchestra." 
     Review, Fairfax Digital Independent Weekly
     “Throw non-stop choreography that illuminates conversational exchanges between instruments and theatrical realizations of string technique into the mix and this stereotype is forever wiped... The approach is immediate. Note bound, seated, reverent and retiring these determined, bright-eyed communicators are anything but.”
     Australian Stage review by Gillian Wills, 2012
      “Dynamic dance and movement, tight choreography that emphasised rather than distracted from the musical performance and big bright smiles of highly motivated players shattering the audience’s preconceptions of orchestral music. No sheet music, no sitting, no static counting of bars between parts – any break in playing was marked by spirited dancing or acrobatics… A non-stop extravaganza DeepBlue has plenty for classical aficionados and the shortest attention-spanned youngster alike.” 
     artsHub review by Nerida Dickinson, 2012
     DeepBlue – Community engagement
     • YoungBlue – In 2008 YoungBlue began with a vision to provide young musicians an opportunity to perform on stage with professional musicians. Considerable government funding is spent on instrumental teaching but often fails inspire young musicians who are not engaged with conventional approaches to performance. The project has been so successful that the program has been extended to offer week long holiday programs, tailored school shows across Australia, involving over 5000 young musicians and over 50 schools.  Consistent positive feedback from YoungBlue participants and their teachers confirms that DeepBlue’s creative approach gives young musicians confidence and motivation in both their music and personal lives.   Demand is such that DeepBlue’s most recent holiday program is 30% over-subscribed.
     • ChoralBlue – Another community engagement program, ChoralBlue, involves a wide demographic of local choirs.  ChoralBlue participants sit scattered in the audience during the show, masquerading as regular audience members. At a pre-arranged moment in the show they emerge, flash-mob style, onto the stage to perform with DeepBlue. Up to now, DeepBlue have workshopped and invited over 20 community choirs to perform with them 
     • Further afield, DeepBlue are working with a community in Zimbabwe to help set up and support the Schona Music School.  In Brisbane DeepBlue regularly work with a variety of local schools in collaboration with the Smith Family Charity and Hear and Say to deliver workshops for young, disadvantaged musicians. DeepBlue also has also worked with Dharavi Rocks and ACORN Foundation, NGOs to support marginalised youth in Mumbai. It also works with school to organize workshops and performances.
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