National Gugak Center

Music has long been a means whereby traditional culture in Korea has been passed down. It is an accumulation of "five-thousand years" of our life, philosophies, and culture itself. In this sense, music is a "window" through which we can understand Korean culture and history.

     National Gugak Center has been the primary institution to perform and perpetuate traditional music for more than one thousand years. The roots of the National Gugak Center can be traced back to the Royal Music Institute of the Silla Dynasty (BC 57~AD 935). 
     The National Gugak Center will continue to creatively inherit and cultivate traditional performing art forms filled with the philosophy of a pure Korean art tradition - a belief that we must strive for a peaceful life which can be achieved in a world without war, prejudice, or pollution; where heaven, earth, mankind, and all creatures harmonize. In addition to promoting the arts of our own country, we are committed to support other cultural arts of the world. To this end, we will put forth our best efforts to satisfy humankind's eternal desire for happiness and to achieve an open global community. 
Hue Festival Centre
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