Stoffer&Maskinen is a Scandinavian band based in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Their music can best be described as poetic pop music, and you can tell by their music that they are indeed influenced by the Nordic winter. The cold is being transformed into a beautiful snow landscape of rhythm and sound by Maskinens groovy and organic beats and a light, clear and at the same time fragile voice on top of the music, sung by Stoffer, sounds as crisp as footsteps walking in the newly fallen snow.

     2010 was the release of Stoffer&Maskinen’s self-titled debut album and last year their second album “Astronaut” hit the streets. These two releases have led to a bunch of shows and festivals in Denmark, Russia and in 2012 Vietnam, visiting the country for the first time, playing shows in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 
     This year, the 15th and 16th of April, Stoffer&Maskinen return to Vietnam to play two concerts at The Hue Festival, and you can look forward to experience three Danes performing authentic and atmospheric Scandinavian pop music live in Asia. 
     At The Hue Festival Stoffer&Maskinen will be executing their poetic organic pop music as a trio, supported by a wall of synths, electric guitar and vocals. Though the lyrics are in Danish, the atmosphere, the vibe and the melodies that you hear on stage are universal, and everyone with a soft spot for emotional pop songs and catchy tunes, will without a doubt understand the language of Stoffer&Maskinen.
     Through their two shows the three Danish guys will be performing a mix of new and old songs which are specially arranged for this specific event at the Hue Festival. 
Hue Festival Centre
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