Mali - Vietnam Music Fusion

The Malian - Vietnamese Music Cooperation Project, launched in 2012, is a fascinating fusion of indeginous West African rhythms and Vietnamese traditional music which draws people of the two nations together regardless of language and distance barrier.



     Musbaba - a singer, songwriter, percussionist, and soloist from Mali, who initiated the project, has become a familiar figure of Hanoi’s music scene recently. He dedicated much of his time to work with a Vietnamese female musician to mingle the delicate sounds of “Đàn Trani” (a 36-stringed musical instrument of Vietnam) in the powerful African rhythm, creating a rich and harmonious melody that makes audience irresistible for dancing. 
     From his early childhood, Musbaba showed his passions for the traditional musical instruments of his country such as the Bamboo Xylophone, Balafon, Djourou Kelen 1-string guitar, Sogolo drum (a traditional drum), and Bofle flute. He quickly became one of the best local musicians and was recognized as a prodigy, creating a musical craze at many festivals he awtended. When he turned to western musical instruments (drums and guitars), Musbaba traveled across Africa, established his own band and involved in many art projects, most notably the project for the Traoré Lobbi album. He also became a frequent performer at various music festivals in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Mexico.
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     Presently, Musbaba and the band are recording their first album in Hanoi with 14 songs, which is expected to release in June 2014. These songs will be performed at the Hue Festival 2014.
Hue Festival Centre
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