“An Utterance” – male recitation accompanied by piano (according to Tuong style)

The life of a human is a sigh which is like an endless river of happiness, anger, love, hate, grief, joy and desire. For centuries Vietnamese music and performance arts such as Cheo, Ca tru and Tuong, etc. have always sought the answer for that utterance including the above seven aspects of feelings that are indispensable to our daily life and need to be explained and consoled by the language of music and a new performance style.

Voices, sighs, screams, contented laughters, wild yells and symbolic smiles of physical desire will be accompanied by the piano as a second male character which is styled from Tuong traditional drama.

“Dialogue” - The origin of meeting

Pianist Pho An My and Music composer Dang Tue Nguyen have the same passion for seeking and creating the language of new music. Both artists have  entertained the thought of embellishment, interference of music which is created by piano and Vietnamese folk music.

With an opposite but harmonious contrast between piano and Vietnamese folk music, their productions have achieved remarkable success. “Dialogue” is the name which is used to reflect the theme of these series of works by Dang Tue Nguyen and Pho An My.

In 2008, they released a huge artwork – the combination of Piano and Tuong. In their collaboration to seek and experiment a new way of music expressions, Pho An My and Dang Tue Nguyen have decided to compose and perform a new production entitled “An Utterance”.

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