Israeli master musician Shlomo Gronich offers “Journey to the source”

Shlomo Gronich is a multi-faceted artist. He composes classical music, performed by leading ensembles and orchestras in Israel and abroad, as well as pop, jazz, world music, and music for cinema, theater and dance.

Gronich is also an exciting performer - as pianist and vocalist - as soloist, and in collaboration with numerous artists, and is one of Israel’s most well-known and original musicians. 

Throughout his extensive musical career he has acquired a reputation as a unique, incomparable artist who creates cross-cultural bridges through his master musicianship. 

In 1991 Gronich established the Sheba Choir, with immigrant children from the Ethiopian Jewish community. SHLOMO GRONICH & the SHEBA CHOIR perform regularly and have represented Israel throughout the world - at the Zionist Congress in Brussels, at Lincoln Center in New York, for former President Bill Clinton during his visit to Israel, and numerous other historical occasions.



Gronich's special musical relationship with children and youth led him to compose a prayer for peace, "We Bring Peace Upon Us", as the anthem for "Peace Child Israel", a movement of Jewish and Arab youth devoted to peaceful co-existence.
In 2006 Gronich founded "Adamai" - a Jewish-Arab musical ensemble - with the Arab vocalist Lubna Salame. "Adamai" gives voice to the need for tolerance, understanding and respect - an island of sanity in the continuing sea of violence.

At Festival Hue 2010, Gronich will perform a varied program: songs from his most recent project - Journey to the Source, new music for Biblical texts, as well as a special selection of songs from his long, prolific career. 

With him on stage – Michal Adler international renown harmonica virtuoso and Erez Mounk, a master of percussion.

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