"The Breath of Water"

For the first time in Hue Festival a unique performance which honours Vietnamese cultural heritages will be showcased on a submerged stage in the evenings of June 6, 9 and 11, 2010.

Hue’s Nha Nhac (Royal Music), Ca tru and Quan Ho - the three UNESCO intangible heritage values which will be showcased together with other traditional artforms like “Cheo”, poem recitation, folk songs in a very special performance entitled “The Breath of Water”.

“The Breath of Water” aims to honour Vietnamese cultural heritages and artists who have endlessly contributed to the conservation and development of national cultural heritages. This is the co-operation between the Organizers of Hue Festival, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre and Ve Dep Viet Media JS Co. An extraordinary stage will be installed in May 2010 at the depth of 3 centimetres under water surface of Tinh Tam Lake - one of the twenty famous beauty spots of Hue that used to be praised in the poems of King Thieu Tri.


The performance depicts the love story of a young couple. The beautiful and charming girl coming from the North was recruited to be an imperial maid for the royal family. During her long and lonely boat trip to the imperial city, she agonizingly recalled the happy moments with her sweatheart. The surface of Tinh Tam Lake is like a mirror that reflects the girl’s memories of the past. Beside the purpose of honouring cultural heritages, “The Breath of Water” will also praise the pure and tender-hearted beauty of Vietnamese ladies in the glitz of Tinh Tam Lake.


The revenue from this program will be donated to artists who have contributed to training younger generations on Hue’s folk music.

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