Kimo Williams and "Kimotion vs2"

Kimo Williams and his new 5 member folk-rock-jazz ensemble Kimotion will give a performance of his new original music as well as original music by composer keyboardist Carol Williams.

Kimo and Carol have been musical partners for 25 years. They both attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts (USA) where they developed their compositional skills.

Incorporating jazz styles with folk themes and a rock/pop sensibility, their concerts are presented with anecdotal stories interlaced with the music performance.

  During the 2010 Hue Festival, Kimo will once again present his new composition, "The Story of Hue" which was premiered at the 2008 Hue Festival. Once again this concert will feature Vietnamese traditional instrumentalists performing with a string ensemble made up of members of the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony Orchestra.

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