Jean-François Maljean and his concert for Hue Festival 2010

Jean-François Maljean will give in Hue a piano concert, with Robert Jeanne on Tenor saxophone as a guest, adding also some songs in a piano/voice version. Most of the songs and piano solo pieces come from his personal albums and are mainly original compositions.

Being a real showman, Jean-François has played in many countries, from Europe to China, Japan, through the US. His concerts are rather festive. He tells, by example, the audience little personal stories where there is always humour.

To date, Jean-François has published 14 albums of instrumental music, mostly piano solo, distributed in many countries, particularly in South East Asia. Some of his albums are distributed in Vietnam as well. " Vue sur Mer ", "Légendes",  "Voyages",  "Dreams",  "Latin One" are among his outstanding ones. He has also published cover albums such as "Grand Piano",  "Love Piano",  "Gallery",… The brand new album to be released in 2010 is a mix of Jean-François’s music and the Dong (Chinese minority). This concept is going to tour all over the world.

At Hue Festival 2010 Jean-François will play songs of his latest album, which is rather jazz and Latino, in a solo version. Besides, he will play some of his favourite covers and French standards that he likes very much during the concerts.

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