Polish Folk Group "Jedliniok"

Being established in 1975, Jedliniok takes its name from a Lower Silesian dance of Jedlina Zdrój. The group comprises students of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw and other university centers in Wroclaw.

It is the first time a typical Polish dance group like Jedliniok  has participated in Hue Festival 2010. Not only does the group perform the  Silesian folklore such as Lower Silesian, Upper Silesian, Cieszynski,  Opolski Silesian, Beskid Śląski, Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, but also from other Polish regions like Beskid Zywiecki in the area of Nowy Sacz and Opoczno. Other national Polish dances – polonaise, marsur and cracoviac are also included in their repertoir. Audience will have an opportunity to witness the dancers in various, colorful costumes presenting traditional songs and dances with the accompany of  lilting, vivid tunes.

Besides important cultural events in the city, Jedliniok has performed in several countries and in different continents, representing Poland in numerous and famous international folk festivals. It has been invited to Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Morroco, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, the United States of America, Taiwan and Hungary. 

Via the colourful and lively shows in Hue Festival 2010 the group wants to introduce the original characters of Poland and to take part in cultural exchange, outdoor activities and especially university students celebrations.

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