ISIS Belly Dancers introduction

The ISIS bellydance group was established by Huyen Trang and Phuong Lien. They offer training for belly dance trainers, learners and belly dance groups in Vietnam.

 As one of the first persons lay the ground for Belly Dance in Vietnam, they have established the first Belly Dance Club, which works as non-benefit organisation introducing this new form of attractive dance to public. Belly dance offers women the chance to express their character and develop their potential. The Belly Dance Club's activities include: professional performances, workshops and an exchange of experiences with belly dancers from Vietnam and other countries. Belly dance in Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular among both young Vietnamese and expatriates in Vietnam.

ISIS are delighted to attend The Hue Festival, and want to share its passion for Arabic and Middle Eastern culture with their audience through the telling of the story of 1001 Arabian Nights. ISIS will introduce many styles of Belly Dance including: Egyptian style, Turkish style, Tribal style, Flamenco.

Hue Festival
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