The Troupe of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Being old in age and left over from the KHMER Rouge genocide regime, this Troupe was also originated and remained from the former students of the Royal University of Fine Arts. In 1965, the former national conservatory of spectacles and the former Royal Ballet Troupe, particularly the Troupe of the Kingdom of Cambodia, used to achieve master pieces in restoring and preserving Traditional Arts and Classical Ballet.

It’s really a sole Troupe of Kingdom, which has been bearing many in serving the people of the grassroots level through magnificient performances in educational institution, official feasts as well as performing abroad in many International Festivals, friends visits, cultural exchange among countries for instance, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Singapore, France, United States, Korea, India, Philippines and so on.

With the purpose of contribution to the variety of the Hue Festival 2008, the art troupe from
Cambodia Kingdom will present to art lovers typical art programs imbued with traditional culture of Cambodia such as: “Apsara Dance”, “Good Crops Dance”, “Textile Khmer Silk Dance”, “Cardamon Picking Dance”, “Peacock of Pailin Dance” and items of new music “Cambodian and Vietnamese’s Song”.


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