''Kalinka'' Russian Folk Dance Ensemble

Kalinka company was founded in 1970 in Moscow, Russia. 200 children, keen on music and dances, perceive nuts and bolts day by day. Company’s repertoire counts more than 150 items and no doubt classic.

Many people applauded young artists in 42 countries of Europe, Asia, South and North America and Africa.

Founder and Art director is Honoured Worker of Arts Alexander Filippoff.

Festival program contains selected items from Russian and folk repertoire, performed by girlish group. There are sprightly girlish dance “Naughty Girls”, famous Russian “Kazachock”; here comes to life Russian folk-doll “Matrioshka”; fluent lyrical round “Chorovod” with traditional ornamented headscarfs; sprightly dance “Lozkary”, when wooden spoons turn into musical instrument in girl’s hands.

Additionally presented for audience are several foreign folk dances – famous “Chinese lantern”; fiery Spanish dance; energetic rhythms of Cuban carnival. Girlish group will present “Dance of Laksk Girls” as so they descended from snow battlement of the Caucasus.

Among modern compositions – tender and coloured dance “Solnyshko” (The Qun).

And finally of course, company “visiting card” – famous “Kalinka”, known all around the World, it combines music, movement and rich national attires.

The young performers will definitely bring about excitement to the audience with their creative work.

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