Contemporary Dance ''How my joy remains'' (France)

If the dancer’s body was a musical instrument… If the Fêtes Galantes company becomes a choreographic orchestra…

A red floor, vivid, conceived to change into a musical instrument under the feet of the dancers, letting «gliding», « tombés »,and« frottés »  specific baroque steps, ring. Sober costumes allowing to read on the bodies. A play of warm and lightening colours, harmonies and subtle shades for each performer. Clothes’ details as a wink to establish complicity with baroque world.

A choreographic architecture from sentences, very readable at first, all together and confronted, running away, questioning, responding, subject or opposite. A very profoundly studied and researched sound of the steps, basis of the choreographic sentence, coming from a perfect union to go along with one of the very large polyphony. The music of J.S.Bach slides between this chorographical frame conceived to welcome it in a dynamic and plenitude action.

Therefore music places itself in as a contrast or an extension to the atmosphere that dance creates.

There are some moments where only the sound of steps supports the movements. This makes the moment more appreciable, the melting of a silent dance becomes"the music.

Biography :

Fêtes Galantes Company
Founded in1993 by Béatrice Massin, the  Fêtes Galantes company, develops multiple aspects of baroque dance and at the same time a choreographic writing merging from the confrontation of baroque and contemporary styles. Leaving aside any reproduction or reconstitution, the company chose to let a baroque which may interest contemporary be heard in our century.

Béatrice Massin

Performer in numerous contemporary dance companies one of which Susan Buirge’s ; Béatrice Massin meets Francine Lancelot in 1983 and takes becomes member of the Ris & Danceries Company. Since this encounter starts her process of baroque language appropriation. The discovery of choreographic writing and scenic codes defines for Béatrice Massin a frame of creation of which she incessantly plays. Within Ris & Danceries, she is successively performer, assisting Francine Lancelot (Atys, 1986), choreographer (Water Music, 1990), before funding the Fêtes Galantes company in 1993. Since then, she surrounded herself with loyal collaborators for her creations and associates them to her research.

Today, Béatrice Massin is a reference in baroque dance. She receives commissions  (Le roi danse, film by Gérard Corbiau, 1999 ; La Parade baroque, opening of the Centre National de la Danse, 2004 ; Le loup et l’agneau, within des Fables à la Fontaine, La Petite Fabrique, 2004).

She now trains a new generation of dancers and choreographers in the Baroque Studio, created in 2003.



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