The Lotus Art Troupe from Guangxi (China)

Founded in 2004, the Lotus Art Troupe from Guangxi is a provincial art group which assembles many famous and outstanding artists from various types of art such as singing and dancing, circus, traditional opera of China.

Born out of ethnic minorities like Han, Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong, those artists are all directors, choreographers, actors/actresses who have achieved titles of national first-class and second-class meritorious artists.

All through its art path, the Lotus Art Troupe has formed for itself a distinctive art style typical of the South of China. The artists of the Troupe has inherited and created series of exceptional acts, particularly the play “Đả côn xuất tương” (Stick fighting) which has been performed for numerous times at the Welcoming Spring Gala of the Chinese Central Television and was gloriously recognized as an excellent performance in the second Chinese Traditional Opera Festival. In this play, martial opera performers will showcase a perfect feature of the traditional opera art, namely “Diệu Tương Công”, which is an extremely difficult martial technique of Chinese Opera Drama; the play “Tỉ muội du xuân” (Elder and younger sisters enjoying a spring walk) gained the first prize of the national Pink Apricot Award; or the circus act “Viên trác lưu băng” (Roller-skating on round table) was also awarded with gold medal by the Red Bronze Drum prize of Guangxi.  

In recent years, the Lotus Art Troupe has been invited to various prestige domestic and international art festivals such as the French Art Festival, the Theatre Festivals in Thailand, Singapore and many other countries, and won acclaims of the audience in the host countries.

In Hue Festival 2008, the Lotus Art Troupe from Guangxi will feature its most excellent acts, which have achieved grand prizes from Chinese national art festivals, such as the dancing drama “Phượng vũ trường linh” (Everlasting Sacred Phoenix Dance), the martial drama “Đả côn xuất tương” (the martial stick fighting), the dancing play “Tỉ muội du xuân” (Elder and younger sisters enjoying a spring walk), the traditional opera play “Biến diện” (the art of changing faces) which shows one of the exceptional skills of the traditional opera art of Sichuan-China, and other dancing, circus, and magic acts. 


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