Union of Young Vietnamese in France

The Union of the Young Vietnamese in France is an association that was created in 1976 and comprises young students or wage-earners between 14 and 35.

The UYVF aims on the one hand to offer a structure for the young Vietnamese living in France to exchange and meet and on the other hand, to create opportunities for these people to go back home. The UYVF promotes a spirit of solidarity among the young Vietnamese community living in France by favouring a cultural identity rooted in the Vietnamese origins of each of its members.

To do so, it organizes several activities in the fields that young people are interested in: scholar tutoring, leisure activities and sports –like the da Cau-, solidarity projects – including actions related   to the problems of the "agent orange" – cultural projets, mutual-aid projects directed towards students from Vietnam.

Moreover, the UYVF endeavours to keep  a link both cultural and associative with the "elders" of the GUVF- the General Union of the Vietnamese in France- by participating to the activities for the children (Thieu Nhi).

For almost 30 years, the young of the UYVF have learned and practised Vietnamese traditional dances. 30 years after their first debut, these young people conceive, stage and perform original choreographies in which Eastern tradition and Western modernity meet.

For the 2008 Hue Festival, the UYVF will present the show : "2 ci, 2 là" – "here and there" – which is the interpretation of the  dual mind of the Viet Kieu. The constant swinging between East and West, tradition and modernity, town and country, takes the form of  a confrontation and then of  an assimilation.

The bamboos symbolize the cultural bridge uniting the two worlds. This show is a meeting beyond the seas and the skies, here and there, a dialogue between yesterday, today and who knows tomorrow?

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