Thai Cultural Performance

The Thai Traditional Performances from Kalasin College of Dramatic Arts, The Fine Arts Department Bunditpatanasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture. This college has a very good reputation and specialising in Thai arts and culture performances.

In Hue Festival, they will show you the most stylized form of Thai dance, ‘Khon’ (masked dance-drama), which is performed by troupes of non-speaking dancers. The story being told by a chorus at the side of the stage. Choreography follows traditional models rather than attempting to innovate. The performance will present the story of Ramakien (The Thai Ramayana), The Pursuit of Supanna Matcha episode.  

Moreover, there are the folk music and folk dances from the northeastern region of Thailand. For example, Fon Phu Thai (Phu Thai Tripe dance) , Reum Undre (Bamboo Dance) Serng Krapo (Coconut Dance) and Chon Kai Dance (Cock fighting Dance). 

The Pursuit of Supanna Matcha

In this episode from the khon (masked dance-drama) performance of Ramakien (the Thai Ramayana), Supanna Matcha is the daughter of a fish andThotsakan, the demon king of Krung Longka (Sri Lanka). Hence she has the form of a mermaid, half woman and half fish. She rules the ocean as queen of the fish kingdom. When Phra Ram (Rama), the prince of Ayuthaya (Ayodhya), orders his simian army to build a stone causeway from the mainland to the isle of Krung Longka, Supanna Matcha has the piled-up stones removed by her fish subjects. On learning of this fishy operation, Phra Ram sends Hanuman in pursuit of the culprit. The white monkey seeks out Supanna Matcha in the depth of the ocean and after capturing her, wins her over to his cause after an intensive courtship.

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