“Acoustic Fancy” by Pianist Pho An My (Vietnam)

“Phieu Thanh” (Acoustic Fancy)

“Phieu Thanh” is an expedition of the young musician - Dang Tue Nguyen, and pianist Pho An My to the world of sounds inspired by extraordinary melodies, poetic and thoughtful exuberance as well as realistic reflection of the two most influencing styles in Vietnam contemporary music, the music of Van Cao and Trinh Cong Son composers. Audiences will definitely have a chance to be immersed in a profoundly emotional world of such everlasting songs as Suoi Mo, Buon Tan Thu (Van Cao) and Uot Mi, Cat Bui, O Tro and Dau Chan Dia Dang (Trinh Cong Son) which are adapted into piano compositions by Dang Tue Nguyen. Together with the pianist Pho An My, Dang Tue Nguyen will bring audiences new enchanting moments.  

Thirty minutes of Phieu Thanh will be excitedly concluded with the composition of “Phien cho Dong Ba (On a market-day at Dong Ba)”, by two pianos and one Vietnamese two-chord fiddle, called “Nhi”as a special gift devoted to the Hue Festival 2008. The three musical instruments communicate together, now and then as they are whispering, jubilating, or even depicting the hustle of market places.


Six adapted works for piano based on six famous songs of composers Van Cao and Trinh Cong Son.

Suoi Mo

Buon Tan Thu

Uot Mi

Cat Bui

O Tro

Dau Chan Dia Dang

and a trio (two piano and one Vietnamese two-chord fiddle called Nhi)

Performance form:      Two piano queues (one white and one black)

                                    One Vietnamese two-chord fiddle (Nhi)

Program duration:       Around 40 minutes.

Artistic idea:                Pho An My

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