Spanish Contemporary Dance

“Quisiera borrarte de un suspiro” identifies with the debate over contemporary art. In trying to understand and evade reality, contemporary art uses two methods: new forms, and, in some cases, new colours, but always leaving reality aside and content, the uttermost important.

Our proposal wants to make different feelings and situations experience these two perspectives, researching the ways in which art and dance can express the interior of individuals, their fears, their ghosts, their desires. We have tried to make the result a fusion of feelings that archive their real meaning only when combined together. Cubists stated that “shapes have a real meaning depending on their surroundings” … just as our feelings.
Content or shape: two different ways of starting to work on any contemporary artistic proposal. We want to discover-experiment in which of these two ways we feel more comfortable, in which of these two ways we can express those things that are waiting to be expressed and, of course, which way allows us to reach one of our goals: to feel closer to the audience.
Fernando Hurtado´s company
The company has been working as a professional company since 2000. In 2000, the company obtained the third prize in the XIV Choreographic Festival of Madrid with “Deseo Atrevido” and in 2001 it obtained the first prize of the Andalusia Competition of Contemporary Dance for “Respira Profundamente”.
In 2001 “Quisiera borrarte de un suspiro” obtained the first prize in the XV Choreographic Festival in Madrid. This choreography also represented the company in the Andalusia Dance Circuit, the Madrid Dance Circuit and the Asturias Dance Circuit among others.
From 2002 to 2006, the company has continued creating new productions and touring Spain and the world: UK, Costa Rica, Panamá, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Mali, etc.
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