Dragon & Phoenix Project (Australia)

A large scale Dragon & Phoenix installation will grace the Huong river for the Hue Festival 2008, featuring two golden dragons and two beautiful phoenix birds as a centre piece.

The project builds on the success of the ‘Two Dragons playing with the Lotus’ at the Hue Festival 2006 by the same artists, sponsored by Unilever Vietnam.  Philip Nizette and Jennifer Jones of Wellspring Environmental Arts & Design (Australia) and Nguyen Thanh Tung and Ngo Thi Lan Huong  of Hue, propose to create another stunning installation on the Huong river for Hue Festival 2008.

The Dragons and Phoenix symbolising the Father and Mother of the Vietnamese nation will make a beautiful addition to Hue Festival 2008.  The design’s relevance to Vietnam and Nguyen dynasty's dragons will make the artwork another popular attraction for residents and visitors to the Festival.  The enlivened dragons will reawaken the excitement of Hue Festival 2006, while the new addition of the phoenix birds will give the work a fresh character and appeal.

The four artists have been collaborating on the concept design and will work together to develop and refine designs prior to construction in early 2008.

International and Vietnamese companies interested in sponsoring the project in return for extensive promotional benefits are invited to contact: wellspring@iimetro.com.au

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