Turkish belly dance by Berrak Yedek and Tahir Aydogdu Ensemble with special guest Yinon Muallem

Choreoghrapher and dancer Berrak Yedek together with other two well-known Turkish artists - Tahir Aydoghu, the famous Kanun player, and Yinon Muallem, percussionist of Latin percussions will present an alluring Turkish bellydance programme at Hue Festival 2008.

Born in Istanbul, Berrak Yedek started dancing and learning music in Germany at the age of 5. Later she has traveled and lived in Turkey and many other countries including Saudi Arabia, Russia, England and France. She studied dancing with ballet masters at the Royal Academy of Dancing in London, then at the Istanbul Conservatory. She had broaden her experience as a student in England with Rambert Ballet and the Northern Ballet Theatre as well as with Vakil Usmanov at the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow.

Also coming from Istanbul is Tahir AYDOĞDU. He amazes people by his major background as a graduate from the Physics Deparment of Middle East Technical University. Tahir AYDOĞDU started his music studies his high school years and attended various chorus. He received his first music instruction from his father Gültekin AYDOĞDU who s a Kanun player at TRT Ankara Radio and the conductor of Turkish Fasil Ensemble. He was also trained by various Turkish Music Colleges.

Following his graduation from the Physics department of the Middle East Technical University (Ankara 1983), he was appointed to the TRT Ankara Radio - Turkish Music Ensemble as a Kanun Player.

Besides various concerts he gave in Turkey, he also represented Turkey in many music centers in America, Europe and Asia with “Modern Folk Trio” with whom he worked for eight years.

Yinon Muallem has worked closely with Berrak Yedek and Tahir Aydoghu as a talented and skillful percussionist of Latin percussions.

Unlike Berrak Yedek and Tahir Aydoghu, Yinon Muallem was born in Israel. He began his musical career playing Latin percussion but was drawn to Middle Eastern music going back to his roots. Through his career he has developed his own unique style, playing middle eastern percussion instruments such as the darbuka, the def, the bendir, the Iranian zarb, the kanjira (south Indian tambourine) and the Gatham (clay pot).

Yinon has performed in a variety of festivals and given concerts in Japan, Turkey, Estonia, Spain, the USA, Belgium, England, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Cyprus and Israel. In addition to composing, performing and recording, Yinon Muallem conducts percussion courses and workshops and has released an instructional DVD on Middle Eastern Percussion.

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