An Dinh Palace and its treasures (German)

The An Dinh Palace, built in 1918 by Emperor Khai Dinh, is opening its doors to the public for the first time since restoration of its elaborate interior décor began.

This unique fusion of Vietnamese and French artistic and architectural styles can now be seen in all its re-born splendour.
The conservation/restoration of precious wall and ceiling paintings has been carried out since 2005 by a team of Vietnamese artists and artisans, as part of a unique training programme instigated and led by GCREP restorers (German Conservation, Restoration & Education Projects). Comprising on-site instruction and seminars on conservation/restoration theory, the GCREP programme makes a vital contribution to preserving cultural heritage in Vietnam - by training the country’s future restoration experts.
In addition to beautifully restored wall and ceiling paintings, visitors can now also see trainees at work and, on the un-restored 3rd floor of the Palace, a comprehensive exhibition about the project. Nothing could better demonstrate how much skill, precision and untiring effort has gone into re-awakening the slumbering beauty of An Dinh Palace. The project has been generously supported since its inception by the German Federal Foreign Office’s ‘Preserving Heritage’ programme and the Hué Monuments Conservation Centre.
(Open daily  8 a.m - 11.00 a.m & 14 p.m -17.00 p.m from June , 1st to 15th  ; free admission)
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