Tomb of Thieu Tri

Located at Cu Chanh village, Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district, the Tomb of Thieu Tri (Xuong Lang) is the only tomb facing a northwest direction and not enclosed by a wall, which is rarely selected in the construction of palaces and tombs built during the Nguyen Dynasty. Thieu Tri's tomb, which is similar in layout to that of Minh Mang (though smaller), is about seven kilometres from Hue.


During his lifetime, Emperor Thieu Tri did nothing to prepare for his death, partly because he did not want to waste the resources of his subjects. Only until he was on his deathbed, did he give his last will and testimony to his son- Tu Duc, the successor, to find a burial place for him. Tu Duc chose a small hill, naming it Thuan Dao and built his father’s tomb here, which he named Xuong Lang. The tomb was constructed rapidly and after three months of construction, most of the works were completed. The 2500-word biography of the deceased Emperor written by Emperor Tu Duc was engraved on a marble stele, and erected on November 19, 1848 to extol the accomplishments and virtues of the Emperor’s father.

Thieu Tri's Tomb is a selected combination of architecture and layouts from Gia Long and Minh Mang’s tombs constructed with the picturesque and peaceful background of the countryside.

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