Phu Van Lau

Phu Van Lau (Pavilion of Edicts) was built in 1819 in the reign of Gia Long. It is the building where the Emperor’s and the Court’s important edicts and lists of successful candidates in the regional and national examinations were publicized.

In 1829, there had even been a duel between a tiger and an elephant on the pavilion grounds to entertain Emperor Minh Mang. In 1830, a three-day feast was also held there to celebrate the anniversary of Minh Mang King’s birthday.

The Pavilion of Edicts is a two-storied delicate house with a view to the South. Under the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri, two stone steles were erected on both sides of the pavilion inscribed with Chinese characters meaning “Tilt Your Hats and Dismount” reminding passers-by to tilt their hats and get off their horses when passing this monument.

 In the front of the Pavilion of Edicts standing nearby the Huong River is a house called Nghinh Luong Dinh. This place was reserved for the King’s swimming, enjoying the fresh-air and viewing the landscape.

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