Imperial Fine Arts Museum

This museum was established in 1923 in the reign of Emperor Khai Dinh. At present, this museum is located at 3 Le Truc Street in an area of 6,330m2.

The main building, originally called Long An Palace (Emperor’s Security), was considered one of the most beautiful palace in the Vietnamese imperial architecture. The palace is 1,200m2 wide and built in 1845 under the reign of Emperor Thieu Tri. This is a magnificent wooden monument with over 129 precious wooden posts. Hundreds of classical paintings and holy animals such as: dragons, unicorns, tortoises, phoenixes and over one hundred poems written with Chinese characters are inscribed on the wooden parts of this palace. The skilled wooden carving and the dờstinct technique of oyster and nacre encrusting has created for the Long An Palace a new beauty, not exaggerated but precise.

The museum currently displays over thee hundred precious antiques of gold, silver, gem, ceramic, wood and many other valuable creations. All are imperial art works of highly valued art created by craftsmen meticulously and skillfully. There is no doubt that Long An, a great monument of poetry and intelligence, is a masterpiece.

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